How to communicate with Neo4j through ODBC

Market solutions

There are two market solutions to make an ODBC-JDBC bridge :

  • Easysoft with their ODBC-JDBC Gateway

  • Openlink with thier Single/Multi Tier ODBC-JDBC bridge

In this documentation, we will only talk about easysoft.


Easysoft is a solution that make an ODBC-JDBC bridge on your computer. So you have to install it on each machine.

easysoft diag

It costs 375 GBD / year, but prices depend on the number of machines where we install software.


JVM Configuration

  • Go to Programs > Easysoft >ODBC-JDBC Gateway > Configure Java Interface

  • Configure where is your JDK

  • Click on Test and Save if OK

NEO4J JDBC Configuration

  • Go to the Control Panel

  • Then in Administrative Tools

  • Click on Data Sources (ODBC)

  • Check if Easysoft driver is really installed

check driver
create connection
  • Configure the connection where :

    • DSN : The name of your new database, for example NEO4J

    • Description : you can put here the description of your connection

    • User name : The login of the neo4j user

    • Password : the password of the neo4j user

    • Driver Class : org.neo4j.jdbc.Driver

    • Class Path : Click on the Add button, and select the jar you have download at step 5

    • URL : The JDBC connection URL for neo4j : jdbc:neo4j://localhost:7474 (if you server is on your local machine)

  • When you have fullfil this form, you can click on the Test, to check that is everyting is good (your neo4j server must running of course).

Well done, you have your ODBC-JDBC Bridge installed for neo4j !


How to enabled log for ODBC

This feature can be (very) usefull for debugging purpose, but it (really) slowing the ODBC connection.

  • Go to the Control Panel

  • Then in Administrative Tools

  • Click on Data Sources (ODBC)

  • Click on the Tracing tab

  • Click on Start Tracing Now. You can also configure where the log file is generated with the Log File Path.

enable log